My Meeting with Hannah

This past Monday, I had the good fortune to meet with Hannah and her husband Mark. I arrived bearing my laptop, ready to coach them in any and all things internet. I am an Internet Coach.

Whether we know it or not, whether we are ready or not, each of us has a projection of our lives into cyberspace. What I am here to do is conduct a short workshop in creating a deliberate Internet footprint. A footprint is an apt metaphor for the trace that each of us leaves in the stored bits of the network. We leave a trace one step at a time.

Hannah installed Instagram, created an account. We walked around her apartment and found a painting and a photograph to take a picture of. Mark has a book recently available on Amazon, so we created a Facebook page for the book, including a “Shop Now” button that brings people right to the kindle version of the book.

We also configured two computers to log into Hannah’s WordPress website, and made sure she had easy access to her email.

In pursuit of planting the seeds of a positive Internet presence, the most important boost is the organic growth in interest and sharing among communities of like minded individuals. If you are reading this, and know Hannah, or Mark, or Me, please consider sharing this post, clicking through to the Facebook and Instagram pages, and when something you find there resonates with you, please find the right moment to share it with your friends.

You can follow Hannah on Instagram

And Mark’s book is available from Amazon on Kindle

His Facebook page is here 

If you are interested in Web development, Internet Coaching, or anything else please contact Tem Noon

Artists Unite to Protect Health

Even though Artists are not coal miners, many of the materials they use daily are dangerous, especially in the accumulative effect. We use minerals with chemicals that are known to be dangerous, therefore we need affordable health care opportunities, which we had under Obamacare, and which is not threatened.


Hannah Kinn

I am inspired by nature.

The Sky, The Flowers, The Land The Water

Even the ineffable. The Air. The Stars.

The warmth of the sun. The sound of the wind blowing through trees.

Life is a glorious adventure.

Painting Stories: I love Painting Outside!

I love painting outside.

Mare’s Tail celebrates my favorite  fields (ff) and  favorite trees (ft). I study this farm in each season, as the ground color changes from winter brown to the first pale yellow shoots of spring. The fragile shoots thicken and become dark green rows in summer standing at attention like rows of soldiers in green camoflage. Finally they are crowned with gold corn silk.


I chose this moment because both corn and clouds are swept by strong summer morning winds.The clouds dissolve into sheer veils that embrace the sky,   The tall corn raises the horizon, cuttiing the trees into abstract shapes


The East End of  Long Island has many farmers’ markets exploding with color.  This farm holds special memories: Behind the farm railroad tracks run through the fields .There is a wooden bench and a childen’s playhhouse.  Since she was two our daughter adored trains.  So we would sit together on the bench listening for the train whistle.  As it appeared, Sarah waved at the conductor and he waved back. Mu husband took photos.Sarah glowed in the late afternoon light. Now she’s grown up.


I often paint sunsets. I try to capture the sky immediately after sunset.  The light is less intense. Instead of burning, it glows.This is the view from my studio window.


 At the beach in the late afternoon I can see the beginnng of a spectacular sunset.  I race to set up my portable easel.


Flowers mark changing seasons.  Spring brings quince and cherry branches.  Nothing matches the profusions of summer flowers.  The wild shapes and exuberant colors of zinnias dance in a vase.


Hannah  Kinn

Hannah Achtenberg Kinn’s Art is On Display Many Places!


Hannah’s Art is on display at many galleries and private collections.

National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution,  Portrait of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor,
Washington,  D.C.


Stanford University Gallery,  Palo Alto, California


Brooklyn College,  Brooklyn,  N.Y.


David Findlay Gallery,  N. Y., N.Y.


Laurel Tracey Gallery,  Red Bank, N. J.


President William Jefferson Clinton


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton


Greenpoint Savings Bank,  NY. Gallery N.Y.


Gallery North, Setauket,  N.Y.


Oxford University, M.A


Smith College, B.A.


Art Students League
David Levine
Wolf Kahn