My Meeting with Hannah

This past Monday, I had the good fortune to meet with Hannah and her husband Mark. I arrived bearing my laptop, ready to coach them in any and all things internet. I am an Internet Coach.

Whether we know it or not, whether we are ready or not, each of us has a projection of our lives into cyberspace. What I am here to do is conduct a short workshop in creating a deliberate Internet footprint. A footprint is an apt metaphor for the trace that each of us leaves in the stored bits of the network. We leave a trace one step at a time.

Hannah installed Instagram, created an account. We walked around her apartment and found a painting and a photograph to take a picture of. Mark has a book recently available on Amazon, so we created a Facebook page for the book, including a “Shop Now” button that brings people right to the kindle version of the book.

We also configured two computers to log into Hannah’s WordPress website, and made sure she had easy access to her email.

In pursuit of planting the seeds of a positive Internet presence, the most important boost is the organic growth in interest and sharing among communities of like minded individuals. If you are reading this, and know Hannah, or Mark, or Me, please consider sharing this post, clicking through to the Facebook and Instagram pages, and when something you find there resonates with you, please find the right moment to share it with your friends.

You can follow Hannah on Instagram

And Mark’s book is available from Amazon on Kindle

His Facebook page is here 

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